20 May 2017
The selfie: days 131 — 135

These five days cover the last couple days of our stay in Belgium and the first couple of our stay in the Netherlands. And I think they include some of the most amazing and memorable things I’ve seen in Europe. On May 11 we headed into the mountainous(ish) south, to the quaint little town of […]

10 May 2017
The first step: days 126 — 130

On Saturday, day 126, I left Canada for the first time in almost 19 years, and travelled to Europe for the first time in almost 34. (Yeah, I haven’t travelled much in my life. I want that to change.) It was a big step, not gonna lie. I was super nervous about whether there would […]

6 May 2017
The little things: days 121 — 125

I don’t think I’m ready to do themes yet. Some of my inspirations last year did them. Or at least, I think they did. Their photos had very general one-word captions that felt like special challenges or something. I’m not there yet. Maybe next year? Mind you, I’m getting better at finding interesting angles and […]

2 May 2017
Looking up at trees and also voting: days 116–120

3/5 of these days were nice and sunny. Not a bad number for this time of year! The pattern here is me looking up. Which is not a bad thing: I’ve consciously tried to look up, look down, look sideways, look anywhere but what’s right under my nose. That way lies laziness and a boring […]