a.k.a. “Glacier Lagoon”, a big lagoon on the southeast coast, at the edge of the biggest glacier in Iceland. The ice used to extend right to the sea but, like a lot of glaciers, has been retreating for the last 100 years.

As you can see, a lot of the ice is really dirty: glaciers scour the land under them picking up grit and sand, icebergs may pick up muddy saltwater from incoming tides, as well as black sand blowing in from the nearby beach. Not to mention the occasional deposits of volcanic ash.

And though it may not look it, there’s lots of life around here! Squillions of arctic terns have a nesting colony nearby; seals also like the lagoon since it’s safe from predators; and fish thrive in the cold waters so everybody has plenty to eat.

14 May 2019

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