View from Sunset Beach, over English Bay. The sky is mostly blue with some small clouds, and the water is still. There is greyish haze on the horizon, partially hiding the mountains
A view out from Sunset Beach. The evening sky is blue-indigo, and the last light is pushing through the clouds.
A view of Sunset Beach and the West Endat sunset, from Burrard Bridge. The sky is gold and indigo
View from the plane window after landing. Golden hour, and there are a few clouds in the sky
The Church of Our Lady Before Týn, from the Old Town Square. The light is low and golden, and there are a few dark clouds in the sky
Prague at twilight
Black-headed Gull
Grey Heron
Sun setting over St. Vitus
Church Of Our Lady Before Týn
Roofs of Prague
White-crowned Sparrow