Coat of arms of Leonhard von Keutschach

Coat of arms of Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, Leonhard von Keutschach. As I understand it the turnip is his family coat of arms (hey, why not?), and the second shield is the coat of arms of Salzburg. Add a mitre, cross and shepherd’s crook, and voilĂ , you have a new coat of arms for your office. Does that mean every Prince-Archbishop got a new combined coat of arms?

Leonhard moved up the ranks in the church, and was elected Prince-Archbishop in 1495, giving him enormous power both ecclesiastical and temporal over the city of Salzburg. He was apparently an effective ruler, cleaning up the financial messes left by his predecessors, promoting trade, increasing production of local gold and silver mines, building roads, strengthening the fortress, and all in all making Salzburg very wealthy—and it was this wealth that would allow it to become a centre of art and culture, producing musical geniuses like a certain Wolfgang Amadeus.

Mind you, he was also a really nasty political player, using blackmail and intimidation to reduce the power of the elected mayor and city councillors, wallowing in nepotism, and also made it a point to expel Jews from Salzburg in 1498.

   17 May 2023
   1/50s    f/2.8   46mm   ISO 320
Combined coats of arms: a turnip on the right, a lion on the left, and on top are a cross, miter and crook