A tiny almost translucent snail is crawling on a coneflower
Two honeybees on a pale mauve flower
A Bumblebee is on a pink flower with yellow core
A Dark-eyed Junco is sitting on branch in the shade
A Merlin is taking off vertically from shallow water
A Merlin is turning sharply, giving is a good look at its underwings and tail patterns. Shorebirds are scattering below
A Merlin flying low over the water, wings spread and perfectly horizontal
A Merlin resting on a slim diagonal branch coming out of the water, surrounded by lilypads
A Merlin is flying over the water, above some Greater Yellowlegs
Two Killdeer are standing next to each other in shallow water
A Killdeer is flying up a short distance
A Killdeer next to a Greater Yellowlegs in shallow water, is spreading its wings