Hercules Salon

The first of the State Apartments we visited, it was apparently the latest to be built, in 1710, in the space previously occupied by a chapel. The ceiling took 3 years to complete.

The State Apartments are a series of rooms with different themes and decorations, where the business of reigning happened. Not governing and administrating the kingdom, that’s a whole other thing. Reigning is about ceremonies, public appearances and whatnot that keep the magic of the crown going.

Mind you, in Louis XIV’s case, there was a bit more to it than that. He deliberately abused traditions to pressure nobles to attend his court and fight each other to seek his favours; that way they wouldn’t be plotting against him in their own estates.

   12 May 2022
   1/30s    f/2.8   17mm   ISO 400
Hercules Salon