Intergrade flicker

So Northern Flickers come in two subspecies, right? Red-shafted (most common west of the Rockies) and yellow-shafted (most common east of the Rockies). A few of the locals look like they have a bit of yellow-shafted in them, mainly from that red slash in the back of the head (since that feature is particular to YS individuals).

This guy, though: I’ve never seen an intergrade quite like him before! His throat stripes are a perfect mix of red (for red-shafted) and black (for yellow-shafted). His overall colour scheme is likewise pretty balanced between greyish (RS) and more beigey-sandy-brown (YS). Fascinating!

   27 January 2023
   1/100s    f/8   560mm   ISO 2500
Northern Flicker