State coach of the Vienna Court

It dates to circa 1730; most famously—and as seen in the painting in the background—it was used in 1764 when Joseph II was crowned “King of the Romans” as his father’s successor to the Holy Roman Empire; this coach was part of a gigantic procession into Vienna to celebrate the event.

It was painted in black around 1800 for use during court mourning periods, and remained that way as long as the Austrian monarchy lasted; the lovely panel paintings, which had also been painted over, were only uncovered in 1919.

Also an interesting note: following ceremonial rules from Spain, it was built without a coachman’s seat since no one was supposed to sit higher than the ruler. Horses were steered by servants leading them on foot.

   15 May 2023
   1/30s    f/2.8   17mm   ISO 2500
State Coach of the Vienna Court: an elaborately decorated 4-wheel coach painted all in black, except for a few panels on the doors