19 October 2017
Fire and water: days 286 — 290

Why is it that both my voting selfies this year were take in the rain? I like this one better, though. There’s no dedicated selfie wall complete with hashtag, but I’m actually smiling and I’ve lost a little bit of weight since May. So that’s nice. It’s been a interesting five days, weather-wise, alternating sunny […]

13 October 2017
To live in this place: days 281 — 285

There’s no such thing as “red”. Or at least, no one thing. I forget, then relearn it every year around this time. Green shading into orange shading into red shading into brown—and all in the same leaf or leaf cluster. It’s beautiful, and rarer here than back east since more plants keep their leaves over […]

10 October 2017
Days of twilight: days 276 — 280

Tuesday I decided to walk home along the Coal Harbour seawall again. It was quite a bit later, and the sun was seriously going down. Unbeknownst to me until I turned around, the near-full Moon was coming up at the same time, shining peacefully over the Convention Centre. Bonus: there was a little floating quay […]