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Fire and water: days 286 — 290

Why is it that both my voting selfies this year were take in the rain? I like this one better, though. There’s no dedicated selfie wall complete with hashtag, but I’m actually smiling and I’ve lost a little bit of weight since May. So that’s nice.

It’s been a interesting five days, weather-wise, alternating sunny and rainy. And half of those sunny days were only sunny in the afternoon, mornings being cold and rainy and yucky. Vancouver in the Fall, man.

But Vancouver in the Fall still means foliage burning gold and red. Like Here, corner of Pacific and Burrard. I was on my way home from work, and saw how the sun was dipping down, so I took a slight detour to see what I could see.

Sunday the 15th, I hung around for a bit outside Jericho Community Centre before and after volleyball, hoping to get some nice shots. And I did! Good thing too, because the weather turned bad again in the evening. I’d hoped to get some cool evening light, but the sky was already overcast. Oh well.

Monday: rain rain rain. I was a bit desperate for some good photo opportunities, but I spied the intersection of… Granville & Dunsmuir, I think? Pretty good. Enough light for my camera to work with.

Tuesday: back to sunshine (after a dank morning), walking around Canada Place. A massive cruise ship was parked there, and I took a couple photos of it… but of course the daily pic had to be a fall foliage one, and here we are.

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