Days in Pictures

A second beginning: days 366 — 370

I was really tempted to call back to my very first photo on this account, but smartly decided against it. As cool as it might be to repeat last year’s story beats, I want to strike out in unexplored directions. Besides, a bowl of Froot Loops™ is much more interesting, right?

I went back to Ottawa that same day, and flew home on the 2nd. No shot of the Rideau Canal this time—way too cold for that, sorry!—but I’d decided on a selfie. Night selfie, which was new, but my phone could handle it. And it would be here, celebrating my return home. That’s important.

I think I need more selfies. I want to put myself out there more, and that includes my face on my social media. I think that any day I’m not feeling inspired, instead of shooting Davie Street, I’ll shot my own mug. Deal? Deal.

The next couple days saw my return to the gym. Callback to my January 4, 2017 photo, kinda? Yes, but this new one is taken much earlier, when it’s still darkish outside. It’s allowing me to work out longer, and still get to work on time. That’s one of my resolutions, to stop being late for things, and to kick it up a notch at the gym. BAM!

On Friday, I felt like walking up to Bute and cutting through Davie Village. Haven’t done that much since I changed jobs… Figured I’d take a nice night shot of the tree-covered streets, but it’s Rand House that ended up catching my eye.

And now’s the time to look forward. How will I sing of this year? In pictures and words? Hey, what about videos? That would be different, wouldn’t it? Something more focused in content, with themes and things? Maybe… right now I don’t have any ideas, but that’s okay. What I’m doing now does not need to be the template for the coming year.

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