Days in Pictures

Snow and antisnow: days 411 – 415

In which I look for opposites

I’ve played with reflections before, but I haven’t peeked down alleyways in a while. I do like them, because there’s always lots of texture, and they lend themselves to fun experimentation: shooting up, down, straight across… or in this case, from near the ground.

And I started imagining, maybe it’s a portal to a magical place where things are the opposite of current Vancouver, ie: bright and warm. But then again, maybe it leads to Earth 3, the one with all supervillains. Or is that still a thing? All I know about the DC multiverse dates from the 70s, so that’s no help. I think a lot of the multiverse was destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths in ’85, and then a couple more times in the 90’s. I could look it up, but ehh.

But if you can’t beat the cold, surround yourself with bright colours and celebrate the Lunar New Year! Do like little Donut at work… or don’t, because he was not happy at all about that lion costume, and either kept trying to shake it off, or just lay down all grumpy. On the bright side it was just for a few minutes and lots of photo ops for the office.

It snowed a little bit more on Saturday morning, so I booked a short vacay in Wakanda. I don’t usually see movies on opening weekends, but I just could not wait, and it was getting harder and harder to avoid online spoilers. Verdict: it’s amazing. Full of action, gorgeous visuals, and huge heap of social justice politics. One of the best Marvel movies so far. I will probably be seeing it again.

Sunday I walked down the Seawall in between volleyball sessions, looking for inspiration, and I found it by the Inukshuk. Not the thing itself, been there done that, but looking north towards the West-of-Denman West End, Stanley Park, and the mountains.

This photo is fucking gorgeous, and is definitely in the running for my 2018 retrospective. The scattered clouds in the sky perfectly mirror the scattered snow on the beach, everything is cool and bright and open and showcases yet again how beautiful this city is.

Monday, I took a picture of my street just as I headed for the salt mines. Just to psych myself up, I guess? Nobody really likes Mondays, and you need to appreciate beauty around you to get you through the week.

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