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Sometime I want to push out, wander far, take in brand new sights. Sometimes I have all I need right here. So this half week is 80% me walking around, snapping pics of the West End!

On the way to Storm Crow for Wednesday quiz night, I said to myself, what could shake up the routine of taking amazing shots of False Creek, Kits and / or Granville Island? How about a shot pointing down at the waterfront? Yeah, that’ll do it. I didn’t dare point it straight down, because I was terrified of dropping my phone. As it was, it still kicked up my acrophobia a bit.

Thursday: dinner with a friend, then groceries, stopping at the Jim Deva Plaza. I started by taking pics of some pigeons wandering around, but they didn’t turn out to be so interesting. So I just sat for a second, looked over at Davie Street, and… there it was. The busy street, this little rainbow oasis, and the last light of the day.

And again. Nice way to end the week, I think! Is it lazy? Is it easy? Maybe, but who cares? I could fill a whole calendar year just with photos of Davie Village.

And a sunset from near the Inukshuk on Sunday. Out of several shots I took on that walk, I chose the meta one. And on a day like that, at that time, photographers have to duck around each other and apologise every 30 seconds because everybody wants to capture that sweet, sweet sunset.

It’s been a while since I took a picture of food, right? Actually I just checked, and it’s been less than two months, going back to our Easter tea crawl. Anyway, here’s some sushi, at the place where we usually eat after Taichi class. Never had this kind before, it’s yummy!

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