Days in Pictures

Walking in the cold November rain

Never mind the darkness, we still can find a way

This is always the worst time of year for me, photography-wise. The weather’s mostly rainy or overcast so the light is worse, days are shorter and shorter so here’s less time for outings, and it just feels harder to get inspired. But I walk on, looking for ducks and cool atmospheric cityscapes instead of birbs.

When going long distances is harder, I can circle inward. There are a few nearby spots I visit regularly, like those bushes near the ferry dock, and that Burrard Bridge view—which doesn’t feel stifling like it used to. It’s nice to know that after almost five years of daily photos the habit is so ingrained that even miserable November weather can’t stop me now.

Double rainbow
Double rainbow over Yaletown
Pond in sunlight
The sun came out at Iona Beach
Rainy window
The photo that inspired this post’s title
Hermit thrush
Surprise hermit thrush
Song sparrow at the water's edge
Song sparrow on the rocks
Wet wigeons
Wigeons at Piper Spit. At least they didn’t mind the rain.
Barge on the seawall
Washed up on the seawall during the mid-November storms and floods. Still there as of this writing.
Snow geese drinking
These snow geese definitely don’t mind the flooded seawall
The cutest bushtit

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