Imperial Cross

Core of the Imperial Cross. Made probably around 1030CE (or possibly a decade or two earlier, records are a little fuzzy), it’s made of oak and covered in gold, precious stones and pearls. At about 70cm tall, it’s got a lot of heft.

There’s a base of silver and enamel, made in 1350 in Prague at the command of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. Also, the base is a reliquary, containing (so the story goes) the head of the Holy Lance, a.k.a. the Spear of Longinus, that pierced Christ’s side on the cross, as well as a bit of the True Cross.

So that’s fun. And now I totally get the legends of the Imperial Treasury containing the Holy Grail—believed by, among others, Adolf H himself. Hey, if you’ve got the Spear of Effing Longinus, why not the Grail?

   19 May 2023
   1/30s    f/2.8   28mm   ISO 3200
The central part of a cross, covered, in gold and jewels