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To everything there is a season: days 106 – 110

This was a much more varied five days. After a brilliant curtain of white cherry blossoms on Saturday, I vegetated for most of the long weekend. Finally took my lazy ass out for a walk on the Seawall Sunday around sunset, where I snapped a ton of lovely photos; I finally decided on a silhouette of a tree against the clouds—such a gorgeous contrast of blacks and whites and blues.

Monday was not very nice at all, but I again went for a walk on the Seawall (twice in a row? Sure, why not. I’d already done enough of the Village, but not enough water shots), but it was not a long one since the weather was yucky. A quick shot of Sunset Beach from near the ferry terminal, and that was that.

Tuesday on the way to work, I was captivated by the sight of a large white flower already somewhat dried and wilted. Now there’s symbolism… it fit with my general mood (back to the salt mines after a long weekend) and the weather, so even though I might have liked a nice happy flower photo, this was too good to pass up.

Wednesday I went to the biweekly nerd quiz thing at the Storm Crow Alehouse, and decided to walk across Granville Bridge. A nice bit of exercise, plus I’d get a nice shot of Burrard Bridge! But it just goes to show: even planned shots don’t always turn out like you expect. I snapped some pics of the bridge head-on, but somehow I felt there was something missing. It wasn’t until I was near the south end that I got the best point of view: the mountains and the West End and the busy marina, all combining into a harmonious whole. The landmark I’d wanted was way in the background, but it turns out I didn’t need it like I thought I did. A different point of view unlocked a much better result.

Thursday, a heads-up shot, like I’d done the previous week. Except this time the angle was much sharper, the sky was blue, and the building was wreathed in leaves, not flowers.

Sign of the times. So it’s okay if flowers fade, it’s okay if skies turn grey, every day will bring us more beauty. Just got to wait and see.

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