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Out of the box: days 111 – 115

There wasn’t much of a theme in these 5 days, except that it felt like a return to early days—fumbling, uncertain, more actively looking out for scenes to photograph. It’s a good feeling, if kind of frustrating. Flowers felt comfortable, y’know? They were everywhere, just begging to be captured on my phone. They were easy. So if the general feeling for Days 106–110 was “down, then up”, this was more like “wandering about with no sense of direction”.

And again, this is good. In addition to the frustration—which will and should never go away—I’m starting to have fun with it. Case in point, Chiaroscuro @ Blue Mountain Park. Self-deprecatingly pretentious? Yup. The joke is, after a bit of Wikipedia browsing, I don’t think I’m using the word wrong after all.

Then the following day, I had the urge to swing by Jericho Beach after volleyball. I had been there in ages, and I figured there’d be plenty of opportunities for photos. So I walked around the park, then got to the beach and sat down to rest my weary feet. When I noticed those crows I couldn’t resist, and I also couldn’t resist pretentiously captioning it like some artiste presenting their work in a gallery.

Days 114 and 115 were a bit less out-of-the-box, I’ll admit. Oh well, we can’t be on every day.

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