Days in Pictures

Looking up at trees and also voting: days 116–120

3/5 of these days were nice and sunny. Not a bad number for this time of year!

The pattern here is me looking up. Which is not a bad thing: I’ve consciously tried to look up, look down, look sideways, look anywhere but what’s right under my nose. That way lies laziness and a boring Instagram. And it is fun: to play with harsh contrasts, to celebrate blue skies in his city of mine, or take one last shot near Jericho Community Centre on the last day of volleyball and the last day of April.

Oh, and a voting selfie. That was an interesting experience. I was ready to skip it even though they had a wall and a hashtag all ready, but fuck it. This was a special experience, my only major election this year, and what’s the point of this photo-a-day project if not to capture special experiences?

Still, I also have to make sure I diversify. Life is more than just trees and blue skies.

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