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The little things: days 121 — 125

I don’t think I’m ready to do themes yet.

Some of my inspirations last year did them. Or at least, I think they did. Their photos had very general one-word captions that felt like special challenges or something. I’m not there yet. Maybe next year?

Mind you, I’m getting better at finding interesting angles and combinations of objects. Case in point: a bunch of tulips near St. Paul’s, such lovely warm colours. They caught my eye but at first I didn’t really know what do do with them. Just shooting them “head on” didn’t feel right, even from near ground level. Been there, done that.

But then, I noticed the rainbow flag flying from the side of the church, and managed to get he tulips and the flag in the same shot. So thanks, St. Paul’s, for being LGBTQ-friendly and giving me a nice photo. And also for hosting the VMC Xmas show, that is da bomb.

The next two shots fit the “little things” motif to different degrees. Little birdhouses hanging from trees in the West End? The Hobbit House, which turns out to be an outreach centre run by the Baptists? Sure, why not. I mean, the latter doesn’t actually have any Hobbits (probably) but Hobbits are small. And it’s a small house. I’m curious how old it is, though. The name feels very hippy, but the place looks older than that. Interestingly, I don’t remember any Heritage sign.

I wanted to continue the theme on day 124, but seriously, how could I resist the sight of Bute & Barclay? The green-clad trees reachin towards the blue sky, shading pedestrians underneath them? Absolutely perfect.

The sky wasn’t so blue the following day, but it gave me a weird tableau that I don’t think would have existed without the rain. Discarded shoes, wet benches, and… a rusty can hanging from a chain? I don’t get it, but the overall feeling was one of loss and loneliness. And curiosity, because what’s the story here? I captioned it “catching the rain” but is that what’s going on? I don’t know, and I probably never will.

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