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D Minus 100: days 261 — 265

It’s hard to believe I’m less than 100 days (as of this posting) from completing my 2017 photo-a-day challenge. 265 days, at least one photo a day. I can’t celebrate just yet, but I can see the finish line

Monday: what really caught my eye was a bunch of flower bits on Robson Plaza. Was there some event over the weekend? Probably. Or maybe during the day. I took this photo a little after 6PM on the way home from work. Oh well, it’s a mystery, and my job is not to solve it but just to document it.

One thing I miss about my old commute is walking through quiet, green-roofed Davie Village. (I mean, I still could, I just need to leave the apartment earlier, and go to the gym earlier. And I’ve taken to walking the long way home along the Seawall, as you’ve seen in previous photos). But the downtown core is beautiful in its way. Soaring skyscrapers, complex building textures, interesting views… you just need to find new perspectives. Case in point: Dunsmuir Street looks a bit different from one storey up.

Next day, another street from high up. This time Fourth Avenue, from Granville Street Bridge. I was on my way to the Storm Crow for quiz night ( first time I’d gone in months!) and took many, many pics of the views: a look back at downtown, some closeups of the half-finished Vancouver House… but this sight is what grabbed me, so there we are

Thursday I decided to go all the way to English Bay Beach and take a picture of the sunset. I started out a little too late, though. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped by Cafe Crepe to enjoy a banana cheesecake crepe? Ehh, I regret nothing. The building on Robson Street were glowing gold in the setting sun; I would have liked to shoot the clouds lit from underneath, but alas that was not to be. When I got to the beach, the sun was already below the horizons and the clouds just had a few pink accents. I hung around anyway, taking in the the ripply water, the brilliant band of gold far away… and then rested my weary feet on a nearby bench. And there it was: everything I’d shot before, plus dozens of residents who had the same idea as me. Sometimes it’s nice to be part of a community with a common goal, even just for an hour.

Friday, another sunset, this time from Britannia Community Centre where I play vball. Nothing much to add, really. You got your tree silhouettes, you got your clouds, you got your fading golden light, you got your soft blue background… pretty standard, really. But no less beautiful for that

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