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Pachelbel’s serial killer Eggs Benny: days 266 — 275

Weather has been pretty consistently sunny lately, with crisp mornings and warm afternoons, only a day or two of rain. I got a lovely view from Jericho Hill Centre after trying and failing to drop in Competitive; then, a week later, just before Intermediate, a lovely pre-dusk sky with half-shadowed trees.

That wasn’t really my plan. I spent most of that Sunday in New West playing board games with other queer gaymers, but I for to commemorate that with a photo just like I did a couple weeks before. Maybe it’s for the best since I don’t want to be too repetitive… but two lovely serene pics of the sky and distant trees and whatnot is just as repetitive.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. I do notice Sundays tend to not be good days, inspiration-wise, which makes sense since I don’t have a lot going on besides volleyball. But what am I going to do about it? Something? Nothing? The year’s coming to an end; I want to keep going in 2018, but also push my limits. That means planning ahead. I used to be worried my routine wouldn’t give me enough material, but now it may actually be happening after 9 months.

Then again, that’s not actually the case. There’s still an infinite world out there, I just have to look at it to see. But that does mean breaking out of my routine even more.

Maybe a solution is right under my nose. Of my last 10 photos, 2 of them have people in them. For me that’s a lot, I’m much more comfortable, photography-wise, shooting buildings or landscapes or whatnot. Pointing my phone at people feels intrusive—but more than that, it feels scary for me. Because photography is a interaction, unless I’m sneaking up on them from behind a bush, which means I’m exposing myself to my subject too.

And yeah, one of them is some friends and me in a serial-killer-themed escape room, taken by one of the characters. But another is of a musician friend playing a funkified version of Pachelbel’s Canon. That was a nice evening.

And speaking of hanging with friends, I had lunch with an ex-client at Daisy Sandwiches And Such the other day. That was the first time I’d seen him or the place, since June 30th—my last day at my previous job. I still miss the hell out of it, especially their scrumptious eggs Benny. Just wish it wasn’t so far out of my way to eat on workdays…

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