Days in Pictures

A little perspective: days 381 — 385

In which I reminisce about high school art class and buy an imaginary penthouse suite.

I guess it was one of those days when I just didn’t see anything to inspire me… and then just as I was getting home and thinking I’d need to whip out another selfie, I came upon an abandoned couch with some foam thingies on it. So, that was interesting. I wasn’t crazy about the white balance, but it didn’t occur to me to fix it. Oh well. I passed by again two days later, and most of the foam thingies were gone, leaving a message…

The following day I was walking home, trying to find a good shot of Granville street. It wouldn’t be the first, but I was feeling lazy and needed something quick. Fortunately lazy paid off because I got a great shot of the multi-level store at Granville & Robson. It has a surreal, almost Tron-like vibe, and immediately Rush’s Subdivisions started playing in my head. Remember that song, and the video, which had kids playing Tempest?

Then two days with similar themes. I didn’t plan it that way, but I like how it turned out. First, a shot of the tree tunnel by the Law Courts on Hornby Street. I loved the composition, and the asymmetry of it. At first I wanted to crop that lone tree out, but nah. It stays. I don’t think this is the first time I shot this particular street, but hey, it never hurts to revisit old haunts, right? Besides, this phone makes everything so bright and crisp, even such a dreary morning.

The following day, a shot of Robson Street, looking south towards Granville. I had also taken a shot in the opposite direction, but I love this one the best. It’s the colours that pop out, the reds and yellows and blues and greens.

And now I’m thinking of high school art class. We studied linear perspective, and colour theory, and the use of colour in classical painting and all that jazz. M. Balsamo was a harsh taskmaster, but though I really resented the crap I had to do, I learned a lot from him. I’ve forgotten most of it, true, but maybe it’ll come back with this project? We never did photography… but the rules of composition can’t be too different from classical art, right?

To cap off the week, a little gayming night where I played the ultimate whitebread normal™ game, for the first time in years and years. I lucked out at first and got to be a doctor, but then I lost that career and transitioned to a star athlete—which paid almost as well. And then a couple other bitches found buried treasure and won in the end. Oh well, it was good silly fun, and I still made enough to afford a lovely penthouse suite. Only $700K, a ridiculous steal in Vancouver!

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