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Out of my way: days 386 — 390

In which I ponder self-doubt and second-guessing myself. Or maybe I don’t.

I did not want to take another photo around the gym this Sunday!

And yet I was too busy watching old seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race to get out of the apartment in the afternoon, which left me with no daily photo by the time volleyball rolled around. I know, that’s no excuse, but there you go.

I did have vague plans to shoot 4th Avenue on the way home—all those street perspective shots still fresh in my mind—but what I ended up doing was stop on Cornwall by Trafalgar and go down by the water. I’d been there before, during the day, but it was perfectly safe with the light from my phone, if a bit wet. For my trouble I got a great view of downtown. Incidentally, it looks like this is pretty much the limit of my phone’s light sensitivity. Good to know.

Monday was Day 2 of Nicolas looking at things across the water. The cranes weren’t really the focus here, but the sky itself, partially clearing just for that day it seemed.

And then you’ve got No. 6 Fire Hall, at Nelson & Nicola. I know I’ve done it before, but not when a bunch of firetrucks were running their lights in front! It’s been a while since I walked through the West End. I need to do it more often (more about that later).

Okay, I’ll be brutally honest here: I’m not really happy with the next 2 photos. They were taken on the way back from work, wandering around east of Granville—but not very far out of my way, because it was cold and raining. Maybe that’s why I like them less? On Wednesday I walked by Emery Barnes Park, took a few photos I wasn’t 100% happy with, then decided to press on to Granville Bridge and shoot some more. I still wasn’t feeling it, but this is the best of the bunch I kinda-liked.

Same on Thursday, except I didn’t get as far as any bridge. And was second-guessing myself so hard I considered taking down that #dailypic a second after posting in, to do a bit of cropping and retouching. Which I didn’t do, but still, what the fuck? looking at it now, it’s fine. It’s got this element of motion which has been missing form pretty much all my photos. But really, if I’m feeling that way about a photo, I’ll just post a selfie like I said I would.

Also, I think the lesson is that I need to vary my commute. Fuck the second-guessing. If my brain’s going round in circles, that means my body is too. I need to find new paths to walk, and not fight myself when I get there.

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