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Prima vera: days 436 — 445

Blooming all over

It’s that time of year. The days are longer, the sky is blue (most of the time), the sun is shining, posters and banners for the Cherry Blossom Festival have gone up, we’re seeing hints of green and pink on the trees. More than hints, actually. Between the time I started this post and now, Vancouver’s been serving some gorgeous spring realness. And we’re only getting started!

Some lovely trees just getting dressed, and some bushes getting their new crops of leaves. A colourful umbrella on a day when I desperately needed some colour.

Some blooms making an early entrance, and some that are still a bit shy. Some deliberately planted flowers brightening your day, and some giving you a bit of shade (the good kind). And some just hanging around by their lonesome, all delicate and pretty.

And on our first day practicing Taichi outside, we saw some old friends. My Sifu thinks they’re attracted by our moves… kind of like Arrakis’ sandworms, I guess? I’m not convinced, but whatevs. I mean, it could be true, or it could be that we notice them just because they’re nearby. In any case, I’m careful to pick them up and throw them away so I don’t accidentally step on them.

It’s not just flowers, though. It’s sunsets from the water and more sunsets from high above and artsy reflections of old buildings in new ones.

It’s a good season, is what I’m saying. It’s warmer. I’ve got a cute new hoodie. Red and vivid, a sharp departure from my usual greys and drab greens. Maybe I need to take a page from the trees and show off for a while.

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