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Livin’ in the city: days 431 — 435

Where the grass is green and the towers are pretty

Again with Granville Bridge, walking to the Storm Crow on Broadway? Shut up, I love it and there’s always something fun and new to see. For instance, Bridges on Granville Island, standing out in the twilight blue. And Island Park Walk on the south side of False Creek. I’ve only been there a couple times, I should get some close-up photos one of these days.

Maybe at night? Because goddamn does my phone take some good night pictures. And Vancouver gives great face, all twinkly and gold like that.

Friday I went for a short walk on the east side of Burrard Bridge after work—which I’d done a couple of times, but always at night, and I wasn’t that happy with the results. But I gave it another go, and this time we clicked. I’m especially jazzed with this shot of Beach Avenue, with Granville Bridge in the distance. It may look claustrophobic but it really isn’t. It’s quiet, there’s plenty of space down there, and the Seawall is just a block away. The only spots that feel oppressive to me are right under the bridges. Vancouver is a very pedestrian- and bike-friendly city, at least around downtown. Sunsets aren’t too bad either.

And Saturday, in the burbs. Como Lake Park, to be precise, not too far from where I practice Taichi. It’s a pretty little lake, with ducks, which I’ve driven past many times, but only stopped to visit… once? Maybe twice? I honestly don’t remember, but either way it’s been a really long time.

On Sunday I had a hankering to check out Cambie Bridge and see what the view was like. I’d gotten the idea a while ago when I drove up it, and got what looked like a nice view of Yaletown and False Creek… so in the afternoon I put on my walking shoes and first checked out the east side (towards Science World), then the west (towards the rest of False Creek). East side was disappointing. Science World was too far away, and there was too much other stuff to the sides. I just couldn’t see a way to make an interesting photo out of it.

To the west, though… I had an amazing view of Coopers’ Park and the towers of Yaletown, all green and pretty and filled with people enjoying this warm pre-spring day. This is one of the best shots of Vancouver I’ve taken so far, embodying the best of the city for me, and I am absolutely in love with it.

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