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Sunsets sunsets sunsets: days 426 — 430

In which I watch it all go down

I’d swung by Robson Square a few times over several days, trying to get a good view of the skating rink and / or that seagull statue thing on the steps. Tried from a few angles, and finally decided to post this one. And… it’s good. I fretted and experimented and shot from all sorts of angles, and here’s a simple, beautiful twilight shot of the rink, gorgeously framed by downtown buildings. What more could I ask for? At the time I wasn’t sure, but now I’m sold. I’m still learning to get out of my own head, see my subjects as something new, not as something I’ve passed by a million times already.

Food for thought, for sure. I think that’s the goal of any artist: art is communication, so I need to learn how strangers see what I put out.

Saturday, I planned to stop around Commercial Drive on the way back from Taichi and see what I could see. It’s a nice neighbourhood, criminally underviewed by my camera. My eye ended up being caught by the mountains, all wreathed in lovely white clouds, but it was the train yard that really sealed the deal.

Sunday was a bit of a blah day. I spent most of it inside, then hauled ass to volleyball too late to enjoy the best of the sunset. I ended up with a kind of abstract experimental piece just outside the gym… which is pretty nice? I dunno. Part of me can’t help thinking I could have done better, even though that’s never any help. Except if it makes me plan to actually do better.

But hey, everything is forgiven because of the next two days. Monday I went to the Storm Crow on Commercial for a bit of gayming, and stopped at Science World. Not the first time I did that, but I figured it was time to revisit the area. I ended up with a gorgeous and satisfying shot of BC Place and downtown. Next time I’ll try for Cambie Bridge?

And on Tuesday I felt like shooting Lost Lagoon. Why? No particular reason I can think of. Maybe deep down I wanted to make amends for Sunday’s not-so-great shot, or maybe I realised I hadn’t visited Lost Lagoon in a while (since I stopped working at TEI?). I was worried the light would be gone by the time I got there, but no, I was granted a perfect, perfectly symmetrical photo of dying light and a soft pink arrow of cloud, leading me to more mystery.

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