Days in Pictures

The snowman’s view: days 421 — 425

In which I look through their eyes

I was not feeling well on Sunday, day 56. It might have been something I ate (I have a theory, which involves libelling a major brand, so I’ll stay quiet), and / or motion sickness from the SkyTrain ride home from Coquitlam. I made the mistake of not facing directly ahead and talking to my friends for a bit, which is when it started.

I got home safe without throwing up, but I was not up for anything, especially volleyball. Come sundown, though, I was feeling okay enough to get some fresh air, so I headed down to the Seawall. My vague plan was to shoot the setting sun over the water… but then I saw something better.

A snowman. A real, honest-to-gosh snowman with three snowy globes, carrot nose, leafy scarf, stick arms, and… maybe coal for eyes? Some amazing person had scraped together most of the snow in Sunset Beach to create this short-lived monument to the recent cold snap. I love it.

And hey, we got a sunset pic after all.

This was the week I helped out two charities, in ways that involved food. Two of my coworkers are dog owners and, with the help of another couple of coworkers they put together a cool little cupcake display for Cupcake Day, encouraging people to eat and donate to the BC SPCA.

I ate way too much. I need to get back to the gym, but I keep getting hit by these colds so I never have the energy.

Thursday I was invited to attend the annual Red Ribbon Breakfast fundraiser, in support of Positive Living. It was my first time but I plan to make it a regular thing, because they do amazing work.

That week I also went on some aimless walks and took pictures of the city

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