Days in Pictures

Phasing into another dimension: days 466 — 470

In and out, up and down and sideways

Wednesday I was getting a little desperate for good pictures—still rainy, still grey, still too dark to really make the flowers pop, the ones that are left—but walking by St. Paul’s Hospital I spied some cool old fency bits, surrounded by luxuriant green shrubby bits. So into my phone they went! Not exactly what I planned, but that’s okay. It made for a change from all those frilly colourful blossoms.

On Thursday I went to an advance screening of Indian Horse—which I absolutely recommend, though it’s not an easy story to take in. It played at Tinseltown so I ambled down there, snapping a few pics along the way. Like this one, of a super shiny building at Seymour and Dunsmuir. Or a few shots taken from near Stadium-Chinatown station: looking east towards that cluster of towers near Main Street station (plus some lovely evening clouds); looking northish towards the Sun Tower amidst some super-gentrified buildings; looking west towards downtown. Funny story: my Taiji sifu (whose main job is as a graphic artist) found the deliberate symmetry in that last photo subtly irritating. And I get it; unless it’s one of those surprisingly popular perspective-y street photos, I don’t go for the central symmetry either. This one doesn’t have perspective, or great colours… Oh well, they can’t all be winners. It felt like a good idea at the time.

Friday, a super-sad picture symbolising the end of spring. That camelia tree on my street? Not so many flowers on it anymore. On the bright side, it means longer and warmer days, it means more green leaves, and fruit… what kind of fruit do camelia trees sprout? I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out. 10 years of living in this apartment and there are so many things I still don’t pay attention to.

And let’s be honest, I love this photo. The details on those flower bits, the rain beading on them… just exquisite. It was totally worth getting one knee wet.

The lesson I learned from this photo of a pillbug at Blue Mountain Park is: my fans really aren’t keen about closeup pictures of bugs. It got the fewest “likes” since I started extensively tagging my photos a month ago. Ehh, not that I really care, but it’s an interesting observation.

Sunday: again with the lack of inspiration. I played Competitive in the morning, then the weather was bad and I stayed in all afternoon, only emerging from my hole to play Intermediate. And guess what, I hadn’t taken a picture yet, it was too late to stop somewhere in Kits, so I resorted to shooting a willow tree near the gym. Which… looked all right I guess, but I decided this was just not kosher. Hadn’t I promised to take a selfie if I didn’t find anything better? This wasn’t the first time I cheated and just skated by on “ehh, this is better than nothing.” Nope, not again. So, walking back to my apt, I took a couple quick selfies. And then decided to post the blurry one, because it was way more interesting.

If comics are to be believed, going fast lets you slip into parallel universes and vibrate between atoms etc… What would going slow allow you to do? Maybe my atoms would drop to near absolute 0, so I’d become a superconductor or something. Something quantum, at least. Somebody should write a comic book about that.

But I really was tired, too. Competitive + Intermediate are hard enough, but I think I was paying off weeks or months of sleep debt. That’s what powering through the entirety of Drag Race will do to you if you don’t pace yourself! But I’m better now, especially after sleeping over 12 hours on Saturday.

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