Days in Pictures

Rainflower, sunflower: days 461 — 465

Sequins, bees and blue skies

No plot, no deep reflections, just a lot of flowers. Most of them in the rain, some of them in the sun.

Friday (Smithe just off Thurlow): The upside of rain, is the lovely beading effect. It’s almost like sequins! And the cherry trees were still in full bloom.

Saturday (Pacific near Burrard): Weren’t there a couple of big magnolia trees there, not that long ago? They’re gone now, replaced by one little tree—flowering! And so pretty! I didn’t even know the name of these trees until a couple of weeks ago, when a flower-loving friend filled me in.

Sunday (Point Grey Road): taking another detour on my way to volleyball, I figured the weather was too grey for nice beach shots, so I took a shot of some expensive Kits mansion. And a shot of the street itself, though I’m less happy about that since the flowers look kind of raggedy and (again) it feels too grey.

Monday (Canada Place): a lot of blossoms have fallen off the cherry trees here, but the bees are still busy. Or maybe just desperate. It seemed to me they didn’t spend any time at all in each flower, but then what do I know? Maybe this is normal speed for a worker bee. Or maybe the flowers are dry and empty of pollen + nectar. I really wish the light were better, or I had the nerve to get closer.

Tuesday (Law Courts): the sun came out! So I decided to go back to the Law Courts adjoining Robson Square. I’d already shot the magnolias there a few days before but now was the time to really explore it from different angles. The art gallery and skyline. The little elevated walkway along Hornby that I only vaguely knew was there until a short while ago. The streets with magnolias. Magnolias by themselves.

The next day it rained again. Bah. But that’s a story for another post…

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