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As you may have noticed, this blog has a new theme! And a lot more content, all of a sudden. Yes, I’ve moved a big chunk of my Instagram photos right here, adding a few custom templates to accommodate them. The best 890 out of 5,700ish… which is actually a larger percentage than I expected. Going through 4 years of photos was quite an interesting experience: some older photos that I’d forgotten or didn’t think I’d like now, turned out to be pretty good; Others that I remembered fondly, I turned out to be a little meh on, or couldn’t get past some wonky horizon or other little flaw. But overall what I saw was growth, from shaky unsure just-shoot-whatever-on-my-boring-daily-routine to dazzling landscapes, cityscapes, sunsets and perfect little birbs.

And that feels pretty great.

The other thing is that I want to show my photos off! Facebook and Instagram are closed to the general public (well, I could make my FB fully public but I don’t want to) and there’s still no way to control the look, layout or navigation, not to mention that what’s actually saved and displayed is pretty piddly resolution. Unfortunately, I don’t have any original photos from before my Iceland trip, so I have to settle for piddly memories of my first 2.5 years. Better than nothing, I suppose.

I’ll say this for Instagram, tough: it’s super easy to post photos from my phone, way more than Flickr or WordPress! A few taps, an optional caption, and you’re good to go. That by itself may have kept me from abandoning my photo challenge as I’d done before.

Still, things have changed. I don’t need to rely on social media anymore. I know I’ve got the rhythm, I’ve got the drive, and a few extra steps to post to my blog will not stop me now. It’s all good: I trust myself to keep this going, and I know the extra effort will be worth it.

Because this isn’t just about resolution. Keeping photos in one place and writing in another was limiting me. Just for starters, look at my 2020 retrospective! Look at those big lovely inline photos! I never had those before! This is the sort of thing that’s easier with WordPress. New kinds of storytelling, merging words with pictures.

So this is the plan: I’ll keep posting to IG as before. And then take my time, and post the best of my photos to my blog—maybe review the composition, or tweak this or that. And then I get to write about them in whole new ways.

Sunset from Second Beach

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