12 July 2017
In transition: days 186 — 190

I’m still feeling lost and unrooted. A new job, a more challenging job in many ways, but I know it’ll be so much more rewarding. Even now, I’m in a better than I was… but it’s still hard. Imposter syndrome was hitting me hard, and though it’s lessened, I don’t expect it’ll go away soon. […]

6 July 2017
The end of Canal Time and what came after: days 136 — 185

It’s been 50 days, folks. It’s been a weird 50 days. First, the last bit of our Europe trip: Day 136 was a tour of various Dutch towns: Delft, Rotterdam and The Hague. My special pic for that day was a look from the top of the New Church bell tower (New Church, started in […]

20 May 2017
The selfie: days 131 — 135

These five days cover the last couple days of our stay in Belgium and the first couple of our stay in the Netherlands. And I think they include some of the most amazing and memorable things I’ve seen in Europe. On May 11 we headed into the mountainous(ish) south, to the quaint little town of […]

10 May 2017
The first step: days 126 — 130

On Saturday, day 126, I left Canada for the first time in almost 19 years, and travelled to Europe for the first time in almost 34. (Yeah, I haven’t travelled much in my life. I want that to change.) It was a big step, not gonna lie. I was super nervous about whether there would […]

6 May 2017
The little things: days 121 — 125

I don’t think I’m ready to do themes yet. Some of my inspirations last year did them. Or at least, I think they did. Their photos had very general one-word captions that felt like special challenges or something. I’m not there yet. Maybe next year? Mind you, I’m getting better at finding interesting angles and […]

2 May 2017
Looking up at trees and also voting: days 116–120

3/5 of these days were nice and sunny. Not a bad number for this time of year! The pattern here is me looking up. Which is not a bad thing: I’ve consciously tried to look up, look down, look sideways, look anywhere but what’s right under my nose. That way lies laziness and a boring […]

30 April 2017
Out of the box: days 111 – 115

There wasn’t much of a theme in these 5 days, except that it felt like a return to early days—fumbling, uncertain, more actively looking out for scenes to photograph. It’s a good feeling, if kind of frustrating. Flowers felt comfortable, y’know? They were everywhere, just begging to be captured on my phone. They were easy. […]

22 April 2017
To everything there is a season: days 106 – 110

This was a much more varied five days. After a brilliant curtain of white cherry blossoms on Saturday, I vegetated for most of the long weekend. Finally took my lazy ass out for a walk on the Seawall Sunday around sunset, where I snapped a ton of lovely photos; I finally decided on a silhouette […]

16 April 2017
Nothing but flowers: days 101 – 105

It’s that time of year, what did we expect? But hey, it’s not just cherry blossoms! Vancouver and surrounding areas sport tons of different flowers, most of which were just sort of… in the background. I don’t really know much about flowers, to be honest, but I learned a little this week. On Tuesday evening […]

10 April 2017
One hundred days

In 2016, a number of my friends did a “photo a day” challenge—some with a theme, some without. I’d sort of tried it myself a few times, but didn’t have the discipline to make it stick for very long. Plus, I think I made my job too hard, trying to post it to my blog, […]