31 December 2017
The year in pictures: days 1 — 365

It’s been a year, folks. It’s been a good year. Let’s look back on it with a selection of my favourite photos. New Year’s Day In 2016, some friends were doing a photo-a-day challenge, and I tried to do it too. However, I couldn’t keep up the discipline. Part of it was that I’d never […]

30 December 2017
Dreaming of a white Christmas: days 356 — 364

It’s a low-key kind of time, between Christmas and the New Year. I’m hanging out at my parents’ place; I’ve seen both my brothers (plus sister-in-law and nephew), and I’ll go to my twin brother’s place in Montreal for NYE, as per our custom. Christmas happened a bit late, because it wasn’t until yesterday that […]

24 December 2017
new phone who dis: days 316 — 355

Happy solstice! I’m actually writing this on Christmas Eve, but I want to keep the retrospectives in multiples of 5 days. Gotta follow the rules! Even rules I made for myself months ago. 2018 will probably different. Still haven’t decided how. We’re starting out with more night shots: some wet fallen leaves; some cool fountains […]

23 December 2017
Whole wide world: days 291 — 315

The 300 day deadline came and went. The 305 day deadline came and went. It looks like I still need to work at this “blog every five days” challenge. I think the key is getting into a rhythm, a routine, but I’m not there yet. I take photos religiously every day, but I don’t think […]

19 October 2017
Fire and water: days 286 — 290

Why is it that both my voting selfies this year were take in the rain? I like this one better, though. There’s no dedicated selfie wall complete with hashtag, but I’m actually smiling and I’ve lost a little bit of weight since May. So that’s nice. It’s been a interesting five days, weather-wise, alternating sunny […]

13 October 2017
To live in this place: days 281 — 285

There’s no such thing as “red”. Or at least, no one thing. I forget, then relearn it every year around this time. Green shading into orange shading into red shading into brown—and all in the same leaf or leaf cluster. It’s beautiful, and rarer here than back east since more plants keep their leaves over […]

10 October 2017
Days of twilight: days 276 — 280

Tuesday I decided to walk home along the Coal Harbour seawall again. It was quite a bit later, and the sun was seriously going down. Unbeknownst to me until I turned around, the near-full Moon was coming up at the same time, shining peacefully over the Convention Centre. Bonus: there was a little floating quay […]

28 September 2017
Pachelbel’s serial killer Eggs Benny: days 266 — 275

Weather has been pretty consistently sunny lately, with crisp mornings and warm afternoons, only a day or two of rain. I got a lovely view from Jericho Hill Centre after trying and failing to drop in Competitive; then, a week later, just before Intermediate, a lovely pre-dusk sky with half-shadowed trees. That wasn’t really my […]

24 September 2017
D Minus 100: days 261 — 265

It’s hard to believe I’m less than 100 days (as of this posting) from completing my 2017 photo-a-day challenge. 265 days, at least one photo a day. I can’t celebrate just yet, but I can see the finish line Monday: what really caught my eye was a bunch of flower bits on Robson Plaza. Was […]

19 September 2017
It’s because the days are getting shorter: days 251 — 260

I shot a lot of sunsets and twilight pics in the last 10 days. First up, a nice view of False Creek taken from near Science World. That was a Friday, and also the start of my Vancouver Fringe Festival season. I’d just come from seeing Multiple Organism, a weird sexyish multimedia-slash-theatre performance at the […]

9 September 2017
Mouse says “Thanks”: days 226 — 250

Okay, another not-planned break. Blame the Queer Film Fest, maybe, and blame the new job, which is still good and fun and WordPressy and hella challenging, but is not leaving me with much energy. I’d toyed with the idea of doing reviews as before, but turns out I couldn’t do that and my regular posts. […]

15 August 2017
Here comes the sun: days 221 — 225

In 2007 I was working at Accenture, and at some point it dawned on me I worked literally across the street from the Vancouver Public Library, and it might be fun to get a library card and check out some books. I don’t remember what else I read, but I do remember it took me […]